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Do dental implants hurt?

This is a very common misconception. Implant placement is generally a very straightforward procedure and the anesthesia used is the same as the normal "numbing" for cavities. We make sure you are completely comfortable prior to beginning your procedure so that you do not feel a thing.

Because we have access to a 3-D scan of your mouth, we can plan the entire procedure before even touching you. By locating the ideal placement for your dental implant, we give you the greatest chance for success. We also take great care of the surrounding gum tissue so that the healing process is as easy as possible. Some of our patients go straight to work after their implant placement procedure! We will support you with follow-up appointments to monitor your healing and progress.

Like everything, there are simple cases and there are more involved situations, but in general, implants sound scarier than they actually are. Most patients are pleasantly surprised at the end of the procedure and often claim it was much easier than they anticipated.

If you have a missing tooth or want to learn about how dental implants can improve your oral health, contact our Boca Raton, FL dental office to schedule an evaluation. We look forward to helping improve your health and the appearance of your smile.

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