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Why do I need dental x-rays?

Like medical doctors need blood tests and x-rays to help them diagnose conditions, dentists need x-rays to help them see the things that escape the eyes. Without x-rays, our evaluation is not complete. Digital dental x-rays use high-resolution imaging to identify dental conditions such as decay, abscesses, cysts, and some tumors. X-rays also help us measure bone density. Our dentists can adjust these high-resolution images, making changes to the contrast and the brightness and even zooming in for a closer look. All of these features allow for the earliest diagnosis possible of dental conditions.

Many patients have concerns about the radiation emitted by x-rays. At West Glades Dental, we use only digital dental x-rays. Digital imaging technology emits up to 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays, making them extremely safe as well as accurate. If you ever have questions about the safety or necessity of your dental x-rays, we are happy to answer any questions and address your concerns.

We store your digital x-rays securely in your digital chart, putting them at the tips of our dentists’ fingertips for easy comparison to note any changes in your oral health.

The frequency of your x-rays will depend upon your oral health history. We can share our recommendations for your dental x-rays at your exams.

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