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Can Invisalign really move my teeth?

Not everyone welcomes the idea of braces, though they may wish to improve the alignment of their teeth for health or cosmetic reasons. At West Glades Dental, Dr. Karla Soto is a premier Invisalign provider and helps hundreds of patients achieve a straight smile each year without the need for unsightly brackets and wires.

Three million Invisalign orthodontics cases have been recorded with great results. Very few smiles cannot be improved with clear aligners so whoever tells you you're not a candidate probably does not have the expertise. Cases range from easy, mild movements to very complex, life changing cases. 

Dr. Soto will design a treatment plan that addresses your health and cosmetic concerns. She will be able to give you an accurate estimate of your cost and the length of your treatment so that you can plan accordingly. Your case will be unique to you and the amount of time you spend wearing your Invisalign aligners depends largely upon how far your teeth need to move and how compliant you are with your treatment.

Invisalign can absolutely help you improve your smile and bring your confidence back. We offer complimentary consultations, if you'd like to see what an experienced Invisalign provider can do for you.

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