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Can I replace my dark-colored fillings?

We are very conservative and usually only change restorations when they are failing or old and at risk. We do understand that many people are interested in changing their metal fillings to a more esthetic tooth-colored material and we can help with that. We can replace your dark colored fillings with composite fillings or porcelain crowns, depending on the size of your restoration.

One of the challenges with replacing metal amalgam fillings with tooth-colored restorations is that amalgams often require removing a significant amount of tooth structure. In order to effectively replace large amalgam fillings, we may need to stabilize your tooth with a crown. This should not deter you from replacing your large amalgam fillings, as our porcelain crown restorations are highly esthetic and long-lasting with proper preventive care.

Also some people think it's not healthy to have metal or "mercury" in their teeth. Research has not shown any conclusive evidence that metal fillings are a health concern, but if you feel like you'd rather remove it from your teeth, it is not a problem. We can create a treatment plan that eliminates any unsightly restorations that cast a shadow over your smile so that you have an esthetic result that gives you confidence as well as good oral health!

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