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Can I just have treatment on my front teeth?

We like to look at your mouth as part of your body. There is a direct correlation between medical conditions and diseases of the mouth.

Our goal is to help you achieve functional, healthy teeth, and that usually results in a beautiful smile. Before we begin any dental treatment, we will make sure your gums are healthy.

The sequence and how we get you there is completely up to you. As long as there are no urgent matters that prevent us from treating your front teeth and the sequence does not affect the final result, we will take care of your priorities first.

If you have any dental conditions we feel need your immediate attention, we will let you know right away and prioritize your treatment in a way that protects your health and improves your smile.

At your exam and consultation, we can discuss your goals for your smile alongside your treatment and come up with a plan that addresses both your health and appearance.

Contact us to schedule a dental exam and learn the possibilities for your smile!


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