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Implementing evidence-based technology into our office allows us to deliver dentistry with comfort and precision. At West Glades Dental, you will always receive outstanding care and benefit from the technological advances continually made in modern dentistry.

CBCT 3-D Imaging

Using 3-D imaging for dental implant placement allows us to identify the ideal location for implants, increasing the success and long-term benefits of your treatment. Because we can identify bone density, CBCT imaging gives us a 3-D view of the best location to surgically place your dental implant and avoid areas such as sinuses. CBCT imaging can also make extractions simpler because we have an accurate image of the location of your tooth and complexity of your surgery before we even begin. It allows for accurate planning and execution prior to starting any treatment.

Our dentists believe that this level of accuracy should be the new standard of care for surgical procedures because it creates an ideal workflow, shorter visits, and a better understanding of overall treatments.

You can have the CT scan in our office, without the need for a referral. We place dental implants from start to finish including the manufacturing of highly precise abutments and crowns all within our practice!

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays offer unsurpassed safety to our patients in addition to the most accurate diagnosis available. These high-resolution images require up to 90% less radiation, no film developing, and instant results on our treatment room monitors, making a quick and accurate diagnosis possible within minutes. Since they are digital, they have no negative effect on the environment due to chemical disposal. Digital x-rays – safer for you and our environment!

State-of-the-Art Sterilization Center

At West Glades Dental, we have the latest and most effective sterilization equipment and techniques. Our team regularly receives updated training from OSHA to ensure a completely clean and sterile environment for patients to receive treatment. Our sterilization system eliminates the potential for any blood born illnesses through contamination and gives our patients confidence in the high-quality care they receive.

Laser Dentistry

By implementing a soft tissue laser in our Boca Raton dental office, we offer patients unsurpassed precision in periodontal surgeries of all kinds. From cosmetic gingival sculpting to frenectomies, periodontal treatments, and even treatment of canker and cold sores, we decrease your healing time significantly and make periodontal surgery a painless experience.

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